Are You Making Any Of These Mistakes


That Make 46% Of Puppy Buyers So Miserable
They Get Rid Of Their Pet Within 24 Months?


To Find Your BEST Dog

With All The Traits You Want And
Without The Traits You Don’t Want
Even If You Know Nothing About Dogs

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If You’re Struggling To Find The Right Dog You’re Not Alone.

Choosing The Right Dog Is So Hard
46% Of Puppy Buyers Get Rid Of Their Pet Within 24 Months.

But Now It Doesn’t Have To Be This Way…

A Dog That Will Be A Loved Family Member Is Out There

Let’s Find It Together…


Hi. I’m Jeff Tilt, founder of I used to own a pet shop that specialized in dogs. This let me study what works and what doesn’t work when people choose their dog. And here’s the biggest thing I learned…

When people pick out a dog
they frequently create a mismatch

 between their needs and the needs of the dog.

To prevent this, I created an easy to follow 3 step system that avoids the mistakes almost everyone makes
and guides you directly to your best dog.

And you may be surprised to learn you may have more than one perfect pooch. Here are the three steps you need to use to prevent a mismatch….

The 3 Simple Steps
To Finding Your Best Dog Are:

  • Avoid the 3 BIG mistakes almost everyone makes choosing a dog. These mistakes are so common they’re almost like an instinct. If you don’t know what they are, you’ll probably make one (or more) of them too.
  • Find out the 6 questions you must be able to answer before you can find your best dog (and if you don’t get the right answer to question 1 it doesn’t matter what dog you get, you’re virtually guaranteed to have problems). Once you answer these six questions you will know exactly what dog you are looking for… And the best place to find it.
  • Watch this new system pinpoint the perfect pup. Click the button below to see how easy it is to find an entire list of dog breeds that have the exact traits you want… All in less time than it takes to drink a cup of coffee.

Discover the 3 huge mistakes just about everyone makes at least one of to choose a dog. Why learn the mistakes other people make? These mistakes are so ingrained they’re almost like an instinct. If you don’t learn what they are, you’re likely to make one or more of them too. Learning what they are makes sure you can avoid them.

Find out the 6 questions you must be able to answer before you can find your best dog. Once you have the answer to these six questions you will know exactly what you are looking for and the best place to find it.

Learn a new approach to choosing a dog that has repeatedly proven successful. Click the button below to see how this new method finds the dog breeds that suit you best. All in less time than it takes to enjoy a cup of coffee.

Are You Thinking…

I Want A Dog For Kids

“I want a dog. I want a dog. Can I get a dog… please… please… please… can I have a dog?” I’m sure nobody has to tell you that kids can be incredibly persistent.

But is there a “right” age for a child to get a dog? There’s research that says there is. Especially the research on dog bites.

To learn more about how to make a wise choice of a dog for children, click the button immediately below.

I Want The Right Size Dog

It’s critical to consider the adult size of a dog before you get it as a puppy. If you want a lap dog, a Great Dane puppy, which as an adult will need as much room to lay down as you do, isn’t a good choice.

On the other hand, some small breeds are so fragile they can get hurt simply jumping off the arm of a sofa.

To learn more about choosing the right size dog, click the button below.

I Want A Non-Shedding Dog

Unfortunately, all dogs shed. But some breeds shed very little. Get one of these and you can avoid clumps of fur that look like tumbleweeds drifting throughout your home.

And don’t believe the urban legend that short hair dogs shed less than long hair breeds. It just isn’t true.

There are even breeds many who suffer from allergies can live with. To learn more, simply click the button below.

Not sure if a dog is a good pet for you? That’s OK. Let me send you a 100% free guide that discusses what nobody else in the dog world wants to tell you…
A dog is the neediest of all house pets. I’ll tell you about their need for your time, their need for space in your home and the expenses involved with keeping a dog.
If you can’t meet these needs it doesn’t matter what dog you choose. You’re going to have a difficult time. Just enter your first name and email address below.

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