Rate How Well You Can Socialize A Puppy

The socialization I can give a puppy is: Select the highest level of socialization you can give a puppy. IF YOU WILL BE GETTING AN ADULT DOG SELECT THE "VERY HIGH" OPTION.
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Like human youngsters, a puppy needs to be taught how to get along in the world so it grows up to be a well adjusted adult. This process is called socialization. If a puppy is not appropriately socialized, it can become fearful or aggressive just as a human child who is not given the proper guidance can grow up to be shy or anti-social and a danger to those around him. Trainers and Animal Behavior experts recognize socialization as an extremely important process that, if mishandled, can result in a dog that is unfit as a pet. Most people can provide an average amount of socialization with little extra effort. If you live a very quiet lifestyle, you may need to invest some extra time and effort to provide this level of socialization. Hide this information