Chapter 3
How To Know What Age Dog Is Best For You

Advantages of a Puppy

A Puppy is Cute. Puppies possess the ability to melt even the most hardened hearts. Some people look at puppies and are instantly enchanted by their adorable faces, their velvety soft fur, their snowshoe sized paws, and their puppy breath. Puppies are rediculously cute and the cuteness factor is definitely a positive when you are considering getting a dog.

A Puppy Doesn't Have Bad Learned Behaviors. The first practical aspect of getting a puppy is the fact that puppies haven't learned "bad" behaviors that require training to change. On the other hand, a puppy has no desirable learned behaviors either. In short, a puppy is the proverbial lump of clay that offers you the ability to mold the dog you want. You can shape a puppy's behavior much more easily than you can change the behavior of an adult dog.

Raising a Puppy Provides Socialization Opportunities. Getting a dog as a puppy gives you the opportunity to personally oversee your dog's socialization. One of the most frequent causes of behavior issues in adult dogs is poor socialization. Described briefly, socialization is the process of exposing your puppy to the world around him so he grows up to be a happy and emotionally stable dog. If the socialization process is ignored or mishandled the negative effects, which can include shyness or aggression, are extremely difficult to change. Because when you get a puppy being able to do a good job socializing him is so important, a guide to socializing a puppy is included as a free bonus to this eBook. When you get a dog as a puppy, you have the ability (and responsibility) to guide the socialization process that is so important to him in becoming a well-adjusted adult dog.

Adopting a Puppy Can Provide Emotional Benefits. Finally, some people get great emotional pleasure from nurturing a baby animal and guiding it into adulthood. These people frequently form very deep bonds with their dog. For these people, this nurturing aspect is the experience of owning a dog.