Chapter 4
How To Know What Type Dog Is Best For You

Pedigree Titles

Titles on a pedigree do not directly indicate genetic health. However, titles do mean the breeder is actively involved in the canine community and doesn't just breed dogs to sell. If dogs on the pedigree have titles, that may be a sign of a responsible breeder that enjoys being active in the canine community and evaluates his or her dogs based on specific standards, such as confirmation, obedience or temperament. A few of the most common titles you may see are: CGC: Canine Good Citizen. The Canine Good Citizen certification is awarded to dogs who have a good basic obedience background and display good canine manners. The CGC certification exam is a 10-item test that determines how well dogs obey owners, how dogs interact with other people and other dogs, and the dog's overall demeanor and temperament. CH: Champion, which is short for AKC's "Champion of Record" status. Dogs earn a "Champion of Record" title after winning 15 points in AKC dog shows, including two wins of 3, 4 or 5 points. Dogs can earn up to 5 points by winning AKC dog shows, depending on the number of dogs in his breed at the show. ROM: ROM stands for Register of Merit, and is awarded to dogs who meet specific achievement criteria. Dogs can earn the ROM title by winning many dog shows, or competing in dog sports, such as herding competitions. TD or TDI: TD or TDI stands for Therapy Dog or Therapy Dog International. Therapy dogs traditionally have advanced training and temperament evaluations that certify them as safe to interact with people in nursing homes, hospitals, and other therapeutic settings. TT: TT means Temperament Tested. The American Temperament Test Society, or ATTS, administers temperament tests to evaluate dogs' temperaments. A dog with a TT title has passed the ATTS temperament test. This does not mean that dogs who lack a TT haven't been temperament tested; only that they haven't been temperament tested and awarded the title by the ATTS. Depending on the breed registry, your dog's pedigree could contain one of dozens of titles. This Dog Titles and abbreviations page has a comprehensive list of titles with a range of organizations.