Chapter 5
How To Know The Best Source For Your Dog
Advantages of Pet Shops. The biggest benefit of pet shops is their convenience. Pet shops are easy to find. Pet shops that sell dogs always have dogs available and tend to carry some of the most popular breeds. If you can't find the dog you want from a local breeder, animal shelter or rescue, or just don't want to spend time looking for a dog, a pet shop might be your best alternative to find the breed that best meets your needs. Pet shops generally carry purebred dogs, but they may also carry crossbreed dogs. It is rare they carry mixed-breed dogs because it is difficult to sell them at a price that allows the pet shop to make money. Buying a dog from a pet shop may be cheaper than buying a dog from an AKC breeder. Prices vary at pet shops; one breed may be cheaper at a pet shop than at a local breeder while another breed may be the same price or more expensive than buying a pet dog from a responsible local breeder. You may be able to get a good price on an older puppy at a pet shop. Since pet shops realize the importance of a 'cute puppy' in a sale, pet shops do not want to have a puppy in the store for very long. This results in pressure on the pet shop to get each puppy sold before it loses the 'cuteness factor'. As a result, you may be able to get a reduced price on a puppy that has been in the shop for four to six weeks, but you should always be vigilant about the price you pay and whether it's competitive with getting a dog from somewhere else. Another advantage of pet shops is that they are in the business of selling puppies. They don't require extensive screening processes and don't do any research into the puppy's ultimate destination. If you want to avoid a screening process as you would with a breeder, shelter or rescue group, a pet shop is willing to sell you a puppy without asking any questions.