Chapter 5
How To Know The Best Source For Your Dog

Classified Advertising

Classified advertising features a mixture of ads from every source that has dogs for sale. Although they can be put into one of several groups, remember, there is only one primary source for dogs, their breeder. Everyone other than their breeder is a reseller. Working to determine the likely breeder of the dog you are considering is the key to understanding the likely risk level for having genetic health and/or temperament problems with that dog. Newspapers. Newspaper classified advertising in a major metropolitan area offers almost as wide a selection of sources as Internet advertising with one advantage; the dogs are in the same location as you are. In the classified section of a metropolitan daily newspaper you will find ads from breeders, brokers, pet shops, and individuals, some with free dogs and others advertising purebreds or designer dogs, together with potentially rescue groups, and animal shelters. Internet. The Internet can be a valuable source of information. As with many topics, you can find hundreds of thousands of websites relating to finding puppies. There are breed-specific sites, rescues, animal shelters, breeders, brokers and a host of buy-your-dog-here classified ad websites. The key when using the Internet to find your new dog is to ask the appropriate questions and do the appropriate research to ensure you're getting a quality dog. Breeder Websites. Breeder websites are a good way to find responsible breeders. However, not all breeders who have a website are responsible breeders. With breeder websites, you have ready information about the breeder that you can browse prior to making contact. Breeders that have pictures on their website of dogs working in the field or in a show ring can tip you off as to their breeding focus. If there are no such pictures, this may tell you something too. Other information that may be on a breeder's website includes whether he conducts health testing, whether his dogs are registered with the AKC or a different registry and perhaps how many litters he breeds annually. Breeders that have a limited number of available puppies are more likely to be responsible breeders. Dog Club and Registry Directories. Dog club and registry directories can also be good places to find information on specific breeds or specific types of dogs. For example, the American Kennel Club offers breeder classifieds, several breed clubs provide breeder listings and even some sport and working dog clubs provide breeder contact information. If you're looking for a specific breed or a dog for a specific purpose, these may be great resources to locate responsible breeders.