There is a great deal of truth to the saying "If you want loyalty, get a dog". Dogs can be wonderful companions. A good dog can provide entertainment, love, and companionship; characteristics that make so many people decide a dog is the perfect pet. The bond that forms with a dog can be as deep and long lasting as with any other family member, sometimes deeper; they are called "man's best friend" for many good reasons. The "Lassie" movies may be corny and over-dramatized, but at their heart they embody the spirit of the bond between dog and master.

Who This Book Is For and
How It Will Help You

This book is all about reducing your risk when you get a dog. It was written for both first-time and experienced dog owners who would like assistance with choosing their next dog. It will help you decide if you should get a mixed-breed dog, a purebred dog, or a designer breed. If you don't understand what any of these terms mean, that's OK. They will all be explained in the book.

If you decide you want a purebred dog, this eBook will help you avoid making a bad choice between the 195 different dog breeds recognized, as of 2020, by the American Kennel Club (AKC) by using the included Breed Selector. This software is designed to quickly and easily match you with the breeds that have the traits you want while at the same time excluding the breeds that have traits you want to avoid.

If you are someone who has never owned a dog, or only had a dog as a child, this book will reduce your risk of getting a pet you are unhappy with by helping you answer a basic question that frequently never gets asked. That question: is a dog a good pet for me to own? If you are asking this question right now, this book will very quickly help you understand if a dog will fit into your lifestyle.

Being a successful dog owner means making a commitment to your journey together as dog and master. Owning a dog means making a commitment to be responsible for meeting the needs of your dog for 10 to 15 years or longer– and honestly, a dog is the neediest of the commonly kept house pets. They need space in your home, your time, and they have financial needs that, depending on the dog, can be significant. For the right person, meeting these needs is part of the joy that comes with owning a dog.

But let's be sure you understand what those needs are so you will be able to judge for yourself whether you will be able to meet them. In short, this book was written to help you reduce the risk of a mismatch– a mismatch between your lifestyle and the needs of what should be your new best friend. Let's start by taking a look at a dog's basic needs.