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Finding Your BEST Dog

With All The traits You Want...
Without The Traits You Don't Want

Name: Jay Roberts
Re: The Complete Dog Selection System

If you are struggling to find the right dog... if you are confused about how to go about your search... if you feel frustrated by a lack of worthwhile resources available to help you... you have lots of company.

- Research Shows You Have Less Than A 50% Chance Of Getting A Dog You'll Like

Maybe you've already bought a book on dogs and found almost 200 breeds described. You recognize spending just 5 minutes learning about each one would take two 8-hour days. And if you are like me, after spending all this time and effort you'd never remember anything about the first breed by the time you read about the last one.

No wonder fellow author and Ph.D. psychologist Stanley Coren found that studies done in both North America and Europe show 46% of puppy buyers end up so miserable they get rid of their pet within just 24 months.

If this isn't frightening enough to those of us looking for a dog, think about this for a minute...

As bad as this statistic is, it doesn't account for all the people who are upset with their choice but feel obligated to put up with being unhappy every day for the 10-20 year life of the dog.

When almost half of those who get a dog are so upset with their choice they dispose of it... when 6.5 million animals are abandoned in shelters each year (which is the same as the population of Los Angeles and Chicago combined)... clearly the way people choose a dog doesn't work very well.

- A Loving Dog CAN Be A Wonderful Addition To Any Home

Maybe you had a dog as a kid. Or maybe you remember the old Lassie TV show (or have seen the reruns). Dogs can make a great friend for a child, a completely trustworthy confidant for a teenager, a partner for an adult, or a loving companion for a senior.

It is well-known dogs assist people who are blind. They are used to help people suffering from depression. They can detect diseases ranging from cancer to seizures. And they have been trained to perform everything from search and rescue missions in collapsed buildings to police work.

Dogs aren't called man's best friend for nothing.

- But A Dog Can Create Total Caos Or Be An Outright Danger

But on the other hand, some dogs can be outrageously destructive. This can range from destroying carpets and furniture to creating what looks like a moonscape in your yard.

While other dogs shed so badly their hair can clog a vacuum. Some get too big. So big they can reach not only your countertops but the top of your refrigerator. Still others drool so much when they shake their heads it ends up plastered on the ceiling. And some breeds have a reputation for being difficult to train, including house train. While all this can be a pain in the part you sit on, it can be worse, much worse.

Anyone who lives in a major city probably remembers hearing news stories of a dog attacking someone. Sometimes the victim is bitten and recovers. But sometimes the victim is left permanently disfigured. And sometimes someone is mauled so badly they die from their injuries.

And these are just the direct problems a dog can cause. How about the time and expense of having to solve all these problems.

If you believe like I do that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure you're probably asking yourself how can I avoid a potential disaster and find a dog that will be a loved member of my household??? How can I end up in the minority as one of the truly happy dog owners?

- Let Me Assure You There Is A Reliable Way To Find Your BEST Dog

Let me introduce myself to those who don't know me. My name is Jay Roberts.